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Главная » 2009 » Февраль » 10 » Electric Image Animation System v7.0.1
Electric Image Animation System v7.0.1

Electric Image Animation System - пакет для создания трехмерной анимации, включающий большой комплекс анимационных средств, спецэффекты, инструментарий для работы со звуком и генератор шрифтов с настраиваемыми параметрами. В данной программе имеется возможность импорта свыше тридцати различных форматов моделей. Пакет также поддерживает работу с иерархическими объектами и средствами инверсной кинематики. Инструменты обладают превосходными возможностями для работы с анимацией персонажей. По заявлению разработчиков рендер EIAS – самый быстрый и простой на Земле, а интерфейс программы наиболее интуитивный из всех 3D пакетов.

Electric Image Animation System 3D Rendering and Animation Software for Macintosh and Windows. EIAS 7.0 is a suite of high-end applications giving you the power, quality, and sophistication you expect from a 3D software program. These applications include Animator, Camera, Renderama, and Radiosity. This suite of applications continues its legacy of creating breathtaking character animations, building new worlds with 3D matte painting, and designing sophisticated product concepts. Not only is EIAS the fastest renderer on Earth, it is clearly one of the easiest and most intuitive 3D software applications to learn. Let EIAS 7.0 deliver the technology you need for only US $795. You will be creating beautiful images in no time, and you will wonder why anyone uses those other bloat-ware 3D applications.

View Hollywood Style visual effects created with EIAS:
For more than 15 years the Electric Image Animation System has delivered superior 3D graphics at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. If you are looking to create Hollywood-style 3D visual effects at an affordable price you don’t have to look any further. The Electric Image Animation System has been used to create some of the most lavish Blockbuster Films in history while delivering the speed you need to get your work done ON time and UNDER budget!

EIAS layer system is organized as a set of modules (Layer Shaders), it’s opened for third party developers and future expansion. Three basic Layer Shadera are included in the 7.0 release. The layer interface in Animator is very easy to use. Any Layer Shader can be applied to a whole scene and/or to any sets of objects. The name of the set will be used as the folder name in the Photoshop Layers window. The new "pseudo-transparency" feature allows a layered render of objects even they are obscured by others in a scene. With EI_Layers you can also render front and back sides of phong transparent objects on separated layers.

The layer system is fully supported by Renderama. When you render using the layer shaders a completed image file will be created along with a sequence of .psd or .rpf files. Renderama will return all of the files to the host. The files are stitched for strip network render.

Dynamics (Physics Engine), created by ramjac Software, is a high-performance physics system for simulating rigid body dynamics. It is based on the full-featured, stable, mature Open Dynamics Engine. The system is ideal for simulating articulated rigid body systems. Examples include falling objects, legged creatures, and stacks (or collections) of objects. There is a hard body collision detection engine built into the system for accurate and fast body-to-body collisions. Set-up is easy and solutions are computed very quickly allowing real-time preview in Animator and no impact on Rendering time. Dynamics works entirely within Animator, creating its own animation channels and writing its data to the Camera control file. This makes Dynamics fully compatible with Renderama.

Image-Based Lighting (IBL) - this powerful new feature creates lighting and shadows based on Global Illumination Sky map image. It allows you to match the lighting between a photograph and your render or to save time by using a photograph itself as the source of lights' color and intensity. The IBL is fully integrated into EI GI system. All you need is to assign a desired Sky map (typically HDRI but any texture can be used as well) and select ”Adaptive Sky Map” mode in GI Sky panel.

Xpressionist 3.5 is the advanced scripting engine from ramjac Software for the Electric Image Animation System (EIAS). It enables the user to script every animatable parameter that is available in the EIAS Animator. Uses range from basic object parameter linking-like advanced constraints or set driven keys to the creation of custom interfaces, controller objects for your animation needs or custom programming of entire animation software modules for the most demanding animation and simulation needs. It uses ENOCH as an expression language. ENOCH was designed as a flavour of C and was designed to be easy to understand an to learn. As a unique feature in the industry Xpressionist offers direct compiling of ENOCH scripts. The animator can bypass the bottleneck of a file translation of his script by the interpreter of Xpressionist, but instead compile an executable program, that will do the same task in a fraction of the time other systems require. That allows for the programming of custom runtime applications and makes Xpressionist a complete and full featured software development environment. Xpressionist comes with an additional Plugin "Kontrolleur". Kontrolleur gives users a basic but fully customizable interface to drive their scripted animation. Xpressionist 3.5 also offers an SDK for 3rd party plugin developers, who want to use or better communicate with Xpressionist. Xpresssionist gets used all over the world in day to day animation production.

The World Info window's Raytrace tab now contains both: raytrace reflection sky maps and raytrace refraction sky maps. If a ray is cast and does not hit any objects, these maps can be used to assign a color to the ray for reflected and refracted rays respectively. Effectively, you can use these maps as skydomes environments around your raytraced scenes.

Three new mapping projection types have been added in order to allow you to work with the large number of existing HDR files on the web. These include: SkyDome, LightProbe, and VertCross. These options appear automatically in the Texture Info window for any Reflection or Sky map.

In addition to diffuse lighting, GI now can perform a fast highlights calculation based on the Sky map color and intensity. It’s a huge time saver for GI scenes. Instead of ”manualyl” creating numerous auxiliary lights to add speculars to your scene, you can derive the highlight directly from the brightest points in the sky map.

EIAS – это пакет из нескольких приложений: Animator, Camera, Renderama и Radiosity. С его помощью можно создавать персонажную анимацию, строить новые миры в 3D и многое другое. По заявлению разработчиков рендер EIAS – самый быстрый и простой на Земле, а интерфейс программы наиболее интуитивный из всех 3D пакетов.

Некоторые особенности программы:
- быстрый и качественный рендеринг
- возможность многократной отмены действий в программе,
- дополнительные настройки текстурирования,
- многофункциональное контекстное меню,
- поддержка экспорта в формат Maya *.ma,
- трассировка объемной прозрачности,
- возможность просчета эффекта подповерхностного рассеивания,
- подповерхностное объемное рассеяние света,
- и многое другое...

ОС: Windows XP/Vista
Интерфейс: English
Размер: 90,3 Mb





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